How they my shopping delivered me?

There are two major modes of delivery of your purchase:

  • • submitting your parcel within a point of Mondial Relay desired delivery
  • • The delivery of your package to an address that you provide us via DPD , depending on your geographical area

Mondial Relay is a vast network of delivery points which covers Belgium , Luxembourg, France and Spain Certainly , there is a Mondial Relay Point near you or your workplace. This formula is ideal for you if you are mobile and have flexible hours . 

Delivery is free?

Levering is gratis ?

via Mondial Relay Belgium , France , Luxembourg, Spanje : Gratis vanaf 50€ anderszins 5€

via DPD

Belgium : Gratis from 60€ otherwise 5€

Luxembourg, Germany en Netherland Gratis from 80€ otherwise 10€

France, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania , Austria, Poland , Slovakia, Slovenia , Czech Republic, United Kingdom , Sweden : Gratis from 100€ otherwise 23€

Spanje, Bulgaria, Finland , Greece, Croatia , Portugal, Romania : Gratis from 120€ otherwise 30€


How to proceed?

When finalizing your purchase Jollysox process , you specify the delivery point Mondial Relay where you want to be delivered ( e) . The delivery point will be mentioned in the e -mail confirmation of your order. When your package has arrived

at your point MondialRelay , you are notified ( e) by e -mail , text message or a phone call. You just have to go there with your ID . You have a hindrance ? Another person can go take your parcels, provided that you confirmise him your ID .

Looking for a delivery point close to your home?

  • Find a Mondial Relay delivery point in Belgium
  • Find a Mondial Relay delivery point in France
  • Find a Mondial Relay delivery point in Luxemburg

If you are often at your home or if you work in a fixed location, the courier delivery is a practical solution for you. Jollysox working with DPD whose principle of operation is as follows:

• Your package will be delivered to your home or your workplace. You (or someone representing you ) receipt of the parcel.

• In case of absence, the driver walks away with your package back and forth once or twice in the following days.

• In case of repeated failure , or parcel is deposited in a Relay near you item (then you receive a notice in your mailbox ) , or the package is returned to us .