Our combed cotton socks Jollysox are original and colourful with a heel and toe reinforcement. Jollysox takes special care to choose an extremely solid and soft type of combed cotton.

The texture of combed cotton in our socks is silkier because the short thread (which makes you itch) has been removed, as have all the dirt and impurities. The combed cotton used in the Jollysox socks is also more robust due to the removal of the short and brittle fibres.

The Jollysox combed cotton socks are much shinier, softer, more stable after washing and stronger to use. The toes and heels are reinforced through the use of a second nylon thread, which reduces wear and tear.

With its superior socks, Jollysox brings an original touch thanks to its colourful patterned design. The harmony of the colours of our socks has been selected by our designers with the utmost care. Our socks have original patterns : lines, dots, and various other types of design will seduce you with their uniqueness and their brilliant colours.

Jollysox carefully selects its manufacturers based on multiple criteria (machine types, choice of yarn suppliers and rigorous deadlines).

All the Jollysox socks are easy to maintain, durable and comfortable.

Our socks offer the Oeko- Tex ® Standard 100 Guarantee certificate :
The OEKO -TEX ® Standard 100 is a system of independent monitoring and certification for textile raw materials, intermediate and finished products at all stages of processing. Examples of certifiable items include: raw and dyed / processed sewing thread, raw fabrics and knitted garments and dyed / processed, manufactured goods (clothing of any type, home textiles, socks, textile toys and other).